Houston Home Remodeling with Less Stress

The key is accountability, communication and scheduling

A-Suffolk-living-room-renderingThe national housing market is turning around and as a result Houston home remodeling is on the rise. Remodeling a home could be stressful; however, a well organized and managed builder can more effectively minimize surprises and make the process less taxing. Accountability, communication and scheduling procedures are three factors that can dictate how comfortable your remodeling experience will be. If your builder can answer the following questions clearly and with confidence, they are more likely to deliver upon your expectations.

Q: What guarantee do I have that you will deliver upon completion what I hired you to do?

Accountability. Your builder, should invest the time needed to aid you understanding how their company is organized before a job begins. You should have in writing an outline of all aspects of the project; i.e., a complete Construction Contract, specifications and selections, budget considerations, and estimated schedule of completion.

Q: Who will handle any questions or concerns that I may have throughout the process?

Communications. When it comes to remodeling projects, miscommunication is the greatest contributor to an unsatisfactory experience. Before your remodel project initiates it is important to establish a “chain of command” so that you know who the appropriate person to connect with will be, all contact information, the preferred ways of communication, and the appropriate amount of time to allow for a response.

Q: How will I know my project is proceeding on time and within budget?

Schedules and Payments. An agenda that details your remodel project from start to finish is crucial, of course weather delays, delivery problems, change orders, and other unforeseen events can shift the projected time frame for completion. However, scheduled updates help keep you informed of date change and that expectations should be modified.

Payment schedules are just as important because they allow you to clearly understand what is expected and all resources are more effectively managed over the course of construction.

Understanding how Gryphon Builders handles these kinds of issues is one of the reasons our clients consider us among the best companies doing home remodeling Houston. We pride ourselves on communicating effectively, paying attention to details and getting things done on time and according to plan – all of which help make the remodeling process the positive experience it should be. If you would like to put our extensive experience to work for you, please call Allen Griffin at 281-236-8043, or email allen@gryphonbuilders.com.