The Equation for Selecting the Perfect Builder

Custom FireplaceGryphon Builders is a unique Houston home remodeling company, because our approach to every project is unique. In addition to quality work, our objective is to create lasting relationships with our clients through trust and professionalism. In this article we are going to look at the equation for selecting your perfect builder. When you are done with this article you will know the three factors that will most significantly affect the process, as well as the outcome of your remodel project.

The first factor in the equation is credibility; you should never hire someone to remodel your home without making sure they have a reputable business. You will want to know, for example:

  • Does the builder maintain a permanent address and how long has the builder been in business? *Longevity suggests financial stability
  • Does the builder carry insurance and offer a warranty in accordance with state requirements?
  • What is the builder’s reputation among clients and industry peers? *References

It is important to check credentials because a company with professional business practices is a reliable one.

The next factor is qualifications. A builder’s abilities can be seen in their industry involvement and accomplishments. For example:

  • Does the builder have any designations/certifications as a result of continuing education and is the builder a member of any industry related associations or organizations?
  • Has the builder received any local, state or national awards for completed work or professional accomplishments?
  • Does the builder have plenty of examples of completed work in their portfolio for your review?

A builder who is dedicated to delivering the highest level of craftsmanship and client satisfaction is one that values the industry and seeks to be among the best in it.

The final factor in the equation for selecting the perfect builder is compatibility. How comfortable will you be with the builder you select and does it really matter? A remodel venture can take time and whoever you choose to work with will be in and out of your home regularly as well as communicating with you frequently. Things to consider are, for example:

  • Are you comfortable asking your builder questions?
  • Is your builder transparent and does he answer your questions clearly and openly?
  • Does your builder have a working knowledge of the many types and ages of homes?

The relationship you have with your builder will last throughout the durations of your remodel, and if it is a good one, it could expand well into the future.

We have been custom home building and home remodeling Houston since 1999. We are humbled by the fact that most of our clients consider us “friends”. Throughout the years we have been invited to weddings, birthdays and sadly even a memorial. However, receiving a request to work with a client again is the most meaningful invitation for us because it speaks to the kind of relationship that has been built over time.