While the rest of the United States economy struggles to regain their footing after one of the longest stints of economic downturn our country has ever seen, one city has not only recovered, but has truly excelled to new heights. Houston, Texas was recently ranked number 20 in Forbes annual rankings of best places for business and careers. Businesses and individuals are flocking to the city at alarming rates in order to either start up a company or find a job working for one, and in just five years we have seen over 300,000 people migrate to the city.

Single story home - Before

So many people are making their way into the city each year because Houston has been named one of the best cities in regards to cost of living, and potential homeowners are constantly on the prowl for that next beautiful home to call their own. Many of these potential homebuyers don’t have the time to build a custom home; therefore, they are opting to buy a “new to me” home. If there was ever a time to make a move into a larger home for a growing family, or perhaps a smaller home for “empty nesters”, this would be that time.

Transformed two story - AfterThat being said, in Houston, 38% of the available homes are more than 30 years old. Many of these houses need more than a little cosmetic therapy, they require some structural updates and changes just to make them safe and functional for today’s modern living. This may seem like a problem but consider; older homes tend to come with more land and, once it is remodeled, make luxury much more affordable than purchasing new. In an older home, what you see is what you get. If it look like brick, it’s brick. If it looks like a wood floor, it’s wood. This makes renovating a great deal easier, and adds to the character of the home.

Homeowners recognize that it is equally important for a space to functions well and be beautiful. Remodeling older homes can mean restoring a building to its original luster, or altering floor plans to accommodate modern lifestyles and tastes. A little extra time and attention paid to older homes can improve a homeowner’s quality of life and help boost the home’s value on the market.